Encounter – Equip – Engage

Years ago, at the start of our work in Slovakia, we had a vision of there being a place for people to encounter God,  be re-energized, equipped and challenged to engage society in relevant ways to make Jesus known. We believe we have found a perfect location to do this; in the beautiful hills of central Slovakia in the village of Lučatín.

  • YWAM Lucatin will be a meeting point for all Christians, offering a variety of seminars, training programs, youth events, family camps and retreats.
  • People will be able to come and pray, learn about God, and spend time with Him. They will also have access to counseling and prayer ministry.
  • It will be a home for our staff and a place to offer hospitality.
  • It is also to be a place that inspires new ideas, innovations and strategy whilst promoting ecumenical understanding in the church.