In order to become a full-time staff member with YWAM in any country you first need to have successfully completed a Discipleship Training School (DTS) or a School of Evangelism (SOE) which are part of YWAM’s international University of the Nations.

In Slovakia we run a fully accredited DTS that is valid for any YWAM base around the world.

To do a DTS somewhere else click here: University of the nations

Everyone in YWAM works as a volunteer in full time commitment. This means that from the founder till the newest member no one receives a salary.

As one of our foundational values points out, we receive our financial support from people that have joined with us to see the Kingdom of God manifest in every aspect of society.

YWAM wants to be a vehicle to see the vision that God has given you become a reality, therefore we don’t have a set jobdescription that you need to fulfill but rather do we form a jobdescription around you!